Normal Delivery$9.50 per location
(Express delivery $13.50  within 1 hrs)

*(Second attempt Delivery : $15)

(Free Normal Delivery: $100.00 above)

Delivers: 1100hrs-2359hrs

The above mentioned does not apply to the location or condition below.

Such as: Army Camps and Sentosa or any other area that are hard to access and areas which required an entry fee. Additional $10 delivery fees might be incur for exceptional locations.

Cancellation and Changes to Order by Customer

Due to the nature characteristic of our products, once order has been made,  cancellation is strictly not allowed. There will be no refund for any cancellation once order has been made.

Problems with Order

If you encounter any problem with your order, do not hesitate to WhatsApp or drop us a mail at or  81168890, with a picture of the defective product & your order number. Our durian team will be glad to resolve your issue. Do give us some time to rectify the issue and provide solution.