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Same Day, 60-mins Delivery
Free Delivery > $100
Open from 11:00 - 00:00

Same Day, 60-mins Delivery
Free Delivery > $100
Open from 11:00 - 00:00

Durian Express Delivery: Singapore’s Choice for Fast Durian Delivery

At Durian Express Delivery, we’re not just a business; we’re durian enthusiasts committed to bringing the finest durians straight from our plantations in Pahang, Malaysia, to your home or office. Our promise is simple: unparalleled quality, unbeatable prices, and a durian buying experience built on trust and freshness.


We understand the importance of delivering fresh durians. Each fruit is handpicked from our dedicated durian plantation, ensuring you receive the freshest durians with every order.

We’ll gladly serve you if you need help with your order or want someone to chat with!

Order durian online from us today!

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  • Taiwan Premium Ponkan



    Out of Stock

  • Thai Mini Pineapple


    From: $4.80

    Out of Stock

  • D88 Durian


    From: $36.00

    Out of Stock

  • Thailand Coconut Jelly


    From: $4.80

    Out of Stock

  • D13 Durian


    From: $45.90

    Out of Stock

  • Taiwan Premium Ponkan



    Out of Stock

  • Black Pearl Durian


    From: $30.60

    Out of Stock

  • Mao Shan Wang – Musang KING (MSW)


    From: $41.60

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Super good durian. Sweet, thick and creamy. Those haven’t try, must really try it...

Kelvin Goh

Fast delivery within 15mins 👍
The Durian very delicious

Cassandra Tan

Fast delivery and durian are freshly pack in a box highly recommend for those that lazy to get out for durian. 👍🏻

Caleb Tan

Good and affordable quality, will recommend to others!

Cheng Su JuanCheng Su Juan

The durian are great ❤️ so yummy 😋 and not only that their customer service is awesome too 👍🏻

Angela Charlene Zeng

after my first time trying their durian recently, I can only say nice 👍

Man Kind

Fast Delivery and Durian delivered was awesome! Thank you Durian Express~


Yummy frozen black gold!! Love it! Will buy again!

Icely Chan

Tasty and reliable durian at your fingertips during this CB.

Joy Chang

Order BG last Sat. Was ok but today tried frozen vacuum BG msw for the first time & i must say it taste 💯 Sweet & full! Thumbs up!

Vivian Lin

Excellent Service! 🏆 Durian is really Good!! It’s small seeds and flesh is creamy😋👍🏻Bought the vacuum pack Black Gold but one pack had some issue but seller was very quick and prompt to solve the issue👍🏻👏🏻 Ordered again today. Waiting for delivery😊😋🤤
Thank U Durian Express 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jess Foo

Quick Delivery & Taste very good 👍🏻

El Sa

Quite a lot of small seeds and deliver within promised time!

Zion Teo Zhiyong

Good quality durian with fast delivery! Delivered the wrong type of frozen durian and seller offered to exchange it immediately. Great service and will definitely order again! 😊

Clare Yang

The frozen packet MSW was really delicious. Boss was also very honest, I didn't click on buy 2 get 1 free, he auto added the free one for me. Thanks.

Ram Lek

Service is very easy, prompt and friendly. Yes will definitely order again my family enjoyed it very much, it is creamy with very thin seeds!

Jil Lin

I bought the XO durian and it was good despite being off season. Good quality durian with small seeds although there are 3 which seems to be of different type (taste different with big seeds). Very quick delivery and satisfying service. Would definitely recommend them.

Rina Tj

Great quality durian even during off peak. Not cheap but definitely worth it! Durian craving satisfied 😁

Will be ordering again!

Jemma Ho Hui Yan

Durians were very good.. Love it!! Delivery was on time too 👍👏

Velencia Foo


Patrick Lau

I had order twice for the durian and fast respond.. it will be great if the quality durian can improve as I had partial durian that i eaten is unripe.. maybe is not the season. but I will sure order from them again.
Highly Recommended.

Xiiaorui Chen Shurui

Fasts response and friendly service. It will be great if the quality of durians can improve. I had some partially unripe durians for my box. It could be because it’s not the season. I will still continue to buy as I like the response and service.

Yean Leng Chua

Great quality durians, excellent customer service !

August Chia

Good quality durians and service ! Fast delivery too!

Vanessa Yao

delivery was prompt..and the durian was fantastic.

Colin Yu

fast delivery in good condition. fresh and yummy 😋

Clara Xu

Fuss-free end to end experience. Delivery was prompt, packaging solid and durian tasted great. Thumbs up guys 😊

Barry Khoo

Delivery was punctual and the quality of durian was great!! Worth the calories. Haha

Paulyn Yip

Great quality of durian , very fast delivery!
Fast response and friendly seller too!
Highly recommended!

Lila Paramita

Delivery was on time & seller is responsive. Durian meat is thick, so it's so worth it! the MSW was sweet with a bitter note & with small seed, while the Black gold is bitter with a slight sweet note.. Will def buy again!

Mazzie Nasir

Highly recommended.

Though Yesterday was the first day ordered from them, the order process is smooth and pleasant.

Great Service with great Quality, Fast Response too.

Order last night and the Durians are well sealed, Fresh and the taste is great and creamy even the next day. Whole family love it.❤️👍🏻

Will order again. 😉👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Keep it up.

Ivee Lim

Super awesome durian!!! and speedy delivery! brought 1.6kg durian for my worker to share and enjoy yummy!

Kristy Yue

Tokong yah, personally went down to try out on the opening before CNY..

Tan Boo Siew

Yummy premium quality durian. Trustworthy merchant !

Tay Ting Xiang Lynny

5 stars services and Durian

Message the boss and he able recommend the Durian according to my preference. Delivery is fast and my whole family like the MSW and black gold.

will definitely order from them again.

JH Chua

Ordered twice within a week because the durians are so fantastic 👍👍

Reece Lee Chong Llin

very fast delivery and good quality durian! 100% recommended!

Willie Tan

Durians are delicious and worth every dollar
Will order again 😋

Jack Tan Lian Ji

6點訂榴槤6點半就到 快,香。,,, 好榴槤 給好評讚👍

T Teng Tay

Very good quality Durian...Deliver to your door step....Highly recommended to anyone who have tried "Durian Express Delivery"!!!

Johnson Chua

awesome fast and nice.. worth to try it out.

Orleng Arnoneh

Had durian craving and made an order here to celebrate Labour Day. Order process was pleasant with prompt assistance when I hit a snag.

Delivery was also on time and the delivery gentleman was very polite too!

Finally had the durian after dinner. It was good quality! Taste was yummy too! I'm soooo glad I got to satisfy my craving. Will order again!

Jul Khoo

Thank you so much I been ordering Durian Express Delivery few time. They standard of durian really very great. All taste wonderful great. Thank you.

Caleb Tan

Prompt excellent service! Fast delivery! Super premium durians. Ordered the fresh black gold durians for myself and my love ones. Every sweet bitter bite tasted like heaven. I’m impressed with the quality even at this Covid 19 lockdown time. Good job guys! 👏🏼

Linda Lim

Though it's not the season for durian yet,they manage to get fresh durians from Malaysia.
Really yummy n rich texture durian!!top notch quality!!
Excellent service as well..they can deliver durians with customized message. just have to pm them the special request and they will make it happen!

Jerin Quek

Very yummy durian + wonderful and friendly service! Ordered the black gold. Definitely recommend 👍🏼 thank you so much! xoxo

Jessica Sarah Oh