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Durian Puree

Planning on making a durian cake or any durian pastry? We’ve got you covered! Our durian purees are produced in-house, using only 100% pure Mao Shan Wang flesh for the Mao Shan Wang durian puree and 100% Pure D24 Flesh for the D24 Durian Puree.

For customers who wish to have a mixed D24 / MSW puree, we recommend getting a packet of each and mixing them, as our puree is made and stored separately.

Weight per pack: 2kg

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1. Introduction to Durian Puree

Discover the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia with our Premium Durian Puree, a true delicacy for durian enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike. Sourced from the finest durians in Singapore, our puree captures the essence of this unique fruit in a creamy, versatile form.

2. The Unique Taste of Durian

Durian, often revered as the “King of Fruits,” offers a complex flavor profile that combines creamy sweetness with a subtle hint of bitterness. Our Durian Puree encapsulates these distinct flavors, ensuring an authentic experience with every spoonful.

3. Health Benefits of Durian Puree

Not only is our durian puree a gourmet delight, but it’s also packed with health benefits. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, it’s a nutritious addition to any diet, promoting heart health, digestion, and more.

4. Our Quality Assurance

At Durian Express Delivery, quality is paramount. Our durians are handpicked, ensuring only the freshest and most flavorful fruits make it into our puree. Strict quality control and hygienic processing guarantee a premium product every time.

5. Culinary Uses and Pairings

This versatile puree is perfect for desserts, smoothies, and exotic sauces. Its rich texture and flavor pair well with sweet and savory dishes, offering endless possibilities for creative cooks and professional chefs alike.

6. Easy and Convenient Packaging

Our Durian Puree comes in user-friendly, hygienic packaging, ensuring freshness and convenience. Whether you’re a home cook or a culinary professional, our puree is easy to store, use, and enjoy.

7. How to Order from Durian Express Delivery

Ordering our Premium Durian Puree is easy. Visit durianexpressdelivery.com.sg, choose your desired quantity, and experience the convenience of swift, reliable delivery right to your doorstep in Singapore.

8. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Please read through the countless testimonials from our satisfied customers, who rave about the quality, flavor, and versatility of our Durian Puree. Join the community of durian lovers who choose Durian Express Delivery for their culinary needs.

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D24, Mao Shan Wang

1 review for Durian Puree

  1. Avatar of isabelle


    I just tried this Durian Puree, and wow, The texture is incredibly smooth, and it nails the iconic durian flavor—rich, creamy, and unmistakably bold. I whipped it into a durian cheesecake that was a huge hit; the puree blended seamlessly, elevating the dessert with its luxurious taste. What I love most is the sheer convenience—it’s durian without any fuss. Whether you’re a durian newbie or a die-hard fan, this puree is a fantastic find.

    • Avatar of admin


      Hello there, and thank you for reaching out!

      I’m grateful for the opportunity to have tried your Durian Puree. It’s great to hear that Durian Express Delivery values customer feedback, as it really shows dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The convenience of your product really stands out—it’s not every day that you find durian prepared in a way that’s both accessible and true to the fruit’s unique qualities.

      If any further thoughts or questions arise regarding your product, I’ll be sure to get in touch. Meanwhile, I’m curious about any new products you might have in the pipeline and would be interested in learning about different ways your durian puree can be incorporated into recipes. Additionally, if there is a possibility to contribute to product development or to review upcoming products, I’d be interested in participating.

      Thank you again for your commitment to delivering such an enjoyable experience for durian lovers. Keep up the excellent work at Durian Express Delivery!

      Best regards,

      Durian Express Delivery Team

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