Who doesn’t love the convenience of delivery? There’s no need for you to leave your house and all you have to do is make payment online and wait for the items to be delivered right to your doorstep. 

Besides online shopping, there are also plenty of food delivery options available in the market. With more Singaporeans opting to dine at home, be it if the restaurant is normally crowded or harder to cater to a larger group of people, the rise and demand for food delivery services has created an opportunity to deliver durians as well. 

As we all know, durians are not allowed onboard public transport services so they can only be eaten at the venue or taken away if you own a personal vehicle. If the durians are not sealed well, the pungent smell will permeate into the vehicle and might also leave a strong fragrance for at least a few hours. 

The seating area is also usually outdoors and crammed with people. Especially in Singapore’s humid weather, it can be quite stuffy and uncomfortable leading to a less than pleasant experience. 

Therefore, this makes durian delivery service the perfect solution to get your durian fix in the comforts of home without troubling yourself or anyone else in the process. 

What to expect in a good durian delivery service?

1. Excellent Customer Support

In an era where everything is almost instantaneous and people are expecting immediate responses and answers, brands should not keep customers waiting for long, especially more so if they are unsatisfied with the product or service. 

One way to ensure that customers’ concerns are always heard is to have a specialised customer service hotline or team to manage these complaints or issues. Most durian sellers will not have a dedicated team to ensure customer satisfaction especially after the durian has been sold. 

But there are exceptions like Durian Express Delivery which is the only durian seller in Singapore that has a customer happiness department in order to prioritise customer satisfaction better. 

Even at the venue, people are already skeptical about the freshness of the durians when they are being offered by persistent durian sellers, what more online delivery service where you can’t check the quality of the product until it is delivered. 

However, certain places offer a refund policy and similarly, Durian Express Delivery offers a 100% replacement guarantee for durians that are defective

2. Prompt Deliveries

Delivering fresh durians is no easy feat but seasoned durian sellers will ensure that your durians will be delivered straight to your door within hours after they are plucked and brought in from their distributors. 

Deliveries also tend to be offered anywhere in Singapore with different delivery fees attached to it, depending on how fast you want to receive your order or where you stay. Most durian delivery services will also offer a free delivery promotion as long as you order more than a stipulated amount. 

Some will also deliver to more secluded areas in Singapore such as Sentosa or army camps that are not as accessible. 

Different durian sellers have different delivery hours as well, some have their delivery services available all day while some only do deliveries at night. So, it is best to check which timings work better for you and if your durian craving hits in the middle of the day, will you be able to wait till nighttime to finally fulfil your craving? If you think you can’t wait any longer, you can opt for a premium delivery charge in order to get your durians as fast as within the next 1-2 hours!   

Average price of durian delivery services in Singapore 

There are mainly two prices to pay if you opt for a durian delivery service. The first would be for the price of the durian. The price of each durian depends on the type of durian you prefer, and if it’s in season. Durian delivery services would normally list the different prices clearly on their website and share the cost based per kg.  

Durian prices can be quite competitive and can fluctuate from day to day therefore, there is no need to compare the prices but be aware of the average price the durians are usually sold. 

Next, would be the cost of the delivery service. Prices can range from lowest $6 to $13.50 depending on how fast you want to receive your order or how close you live to the store. 

Most sellers also have a minimum order requirement before they will deliver and the higher the value, the cheaper the delivery service, so either ensure that you buy a more premium durian or have a bunch of friends, family or colleagues over to enjoy the durian together.  

Which areas do these delivery services cater to?

Most durian delivery services are able to deliver island wide but will request for an additional top-up for areas that are further away or require an entrance fee such as Sentosa or army camps. Additional fees might also be incurred for exceptional locations. 

Normal Delivery: $9.50 per location
Express delivery: $13.50 (within 2 hrs)

Free Normal Delivery: $80.00 and above
Delivery hours: 1100hrs – 2300hrs

How to order durian online?

The ordering process is very simple. First, scroll through the website and choose which durian, size and quantity you’ll like to order. Each durian type has a different flavour and texture that can depend person by person. Therefore, it is best to read up on the different durian types and choose one that you think most would enjoy. 

Afterwards, include your mailing address and contact information before making payment. Lastly, wait patiently for your durians to arrive and feast on them in the comforts of your home or workplace! It is very intuitive and easy for anyone to do. 

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Where to get started? 

Ordering anything, especially food, online requires a certain amount of trust with the middleman responsible for the delivery. 

Durian Express Delivery is a reliable and experienced service provider that provides exquisite quality durian island wide on the same day to your home or office. We keep our prices low with our solely owned durian plantation in Malaysia Pahang. We specially handpick the durians to ensure the quality and freshness before delivering them right to your doorstep to enjoy with your friends and family. Have a durian craving? Get it settled now! Call us at +65 8116 8890 or Email us at durianexpressdelivery@gmail.com


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