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Embark on a flavorful adventure with our Singapore Durian Prices Guide as we navigate the peak season from June to September, with July and August offering the wealthiest bounty. In a typical year, durian enthusiasts flock to Singapore’s famed durian streets, seeking the most tempting deals to quench their cravings for this king of fruits. Our guide offers insider tips and pricing insights, ensuring you enjoy the best of the season, whether strolling through these aromatic streets or browsing online from the comfort of your home.

Singapore durian prices
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But at the time of writing, the season is a few months away, including the lives of durian sellers. Regardless, we’ve learned to rely on delivery services to get some of our food supplies and to satiate our cravings for durian.

While we can’t all be out and about to snag good durian deals, buying fresh durian online has its perks, such as worrying less about the durian ban on public transport and not wasting time bargaining with durian sellers.

You see, bargaining is part and parcel of any avid durian lover as they’re well-acquainted with the different types of durians and their price variation. But, if you’re new to durians and want to be more knowledgeable when buying durians, here are some things you need to know.

Understanding the Dynamics of Singapore Durian Prices

Delve into the ever-changing world of durian pricing in Singapore, a landscape as dynamic as the flavors of this beloved fruit. The cost of durians is influenced by many factors, from seasonal variations to the specific origins of each variety.

For instance, the revered Mao Shan Wang durians from Pahang are often priced higher due to their sought-after quality compared to those from Johor. Similarly, the prestigious Musang King commands a premium, distinguishing itself from the more common D13 variety. This section of our guide demystifies the complexities behind durian pricing, equipping you with the knowledge to make savvy choices during your next purchase.

A Closer Look at Singapore’s Favorite Durian Varieties

  1. Mao Shan Wang Old Tree: Known for its beautiful yellow flesh and a sweet yet creamy flavor, this variant, often a bit more bitter, comes from older trees. It’s a gourmet choice for durian lovers. Prices range from $19/kg to $23/kg, reflecting its superior quality.
  2. Musang King: The Musang King or Mao Shan Wang is a top favorite for its rich, creamy, and sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. This variety, slightly less bitter than the Old Tree variant, is prized for its balance of flavors. Expect to pay between $16/kg and $21/kg for this exquisite experience.
  3. Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): This variant stands out with its pale yellow-white flesh and small seeds. The Golden Phoenix offers a unique dry and thick flesh with a mildly alcoholic flavor, making it a rare find. Prices typically range from $22/kg to $24/kg.
  4. Black Gold Durian: An enhanced version of Mao Shan Wang, the Black Gold is known for its bittersweet taste and grey-veined flesh. It’s a premium choice for those who love a more intense flavor. Prices can go up to $27/kg, aligning with its premium status.
  5. D13 Durian: Ideal for beginners, the D13 boasts a more orange flesh, sweeter and less fibrous, and a less pungent smell. It’s a friendly introduction to the world of durians, priced between $16/kg and $18/kg.

Mao Shan Wang Old Tree

Singapore durian prices,singapore durian
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Old is gold. As the saying goes, this durian variant comes from older durian trees that yield finer and more complex-flavored durians. Depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand, the Mao Shan Wang Old Tree durian price can range from $19/kg to $23/kg.

Musang King

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The Musang King durian, also known as Mao Shan Wang, is one of the most highly sought-after durians in Singapore. Its high demand is due to the complex flavor embedded inside this fruit.

On your first bite of the Musang King, you’ll be hit with a rich, creamy, and sweet taste. This is then accompanied by a slightly bitter taste that’ll leave you wanting more. The Musang King is also less bitter than our Mao Shan Wang Old Tree durian. In the durian market, the price of Musang King can range from $16/kg to $21/kg depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand.

Golden Phoenix

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The Golden Phoenix durian, or Jin Feng, is a pale yellow-white durian. The seeds of this durian variant are smaller than most white-fleshed durian. Surprisingly, it has a strong, complex taste embedded in its dry and thick flesh, giving you a mild alcoholic flavor that soaks in your mouth.

Given that this durian variant has tiny seeds, the amount of flesh you get from the Golden Phoenix will undoubtedly be worth the price. The Golden Phoenix durian price can range from $22/kg to $24/kg depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand.

Black Gold Durian

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The Black Gold durian is the enhanced and more premium version of the Mao Shan Wang durian. This durian variant tastes bittersweet and has grey veins spread throughout the flesh. Along with its creamy and thick texture that many durian lovers adore, the intense bitterness is something that they can handle.

Like any other premium quality item, you can expect the Black Gold price to range much higher than other durian variants. In the market, the price of Black Gold durian can fetch up to $27/kg depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand.

D13 Durian

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Unlike the other durian variants mentioned above, the D13 durian is often differentiated by the color of its flesh – more orange than yellow. With its sweet and less fibrous flesh, this durian variant is ideal for first-timers as the smell is less pungent. Also, it has larger seeds, making the fruit easier to eat for many.

Considered a regular durian variant, you can expect the D13 durian price to range much lower than the mentioned durian types. Depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand, the price of D13 durian can range from $16/kg to $18/kg.

Meanwhile, the table below has been created based on our overview to give you a better outlook of the durian price in Singapore.

Durian Prices in Singapore

Type of DurianPrice per KG
Mao Shan Wang Old Tree$19 – $23
Musang King$16 – $21
Golden Phoenix$22 – $24
Black Gold$25 – $27
D13$16 – $18

Expert Tips for Buying and Storing Durians in Singapore

Once you’ve chosen your preferred durian variety, the next step is making the purchase and ensuring its quality lasts. Here are some expert tips to guide you:

  1. Buying Tips:
    • Check for Freshness: Look for durians with firm, intact stems and a strong, pungent smell. Avoid those with dry, cracked stems.
    • Examine the Husk: A good durian should have a bright, consistent husk color without dark spots, which might indicate over-ripeness.
  2. Storing Tips:
    • Refrigerate for Short-Term: Store your durians in an airtight container in the fridge if you plan to consume them within a few days.
    • Freeze for Long-Term: For more extended storage, wrap the durian flesh in cling film and freeze it. This can preserve its taste for up to two months.”

Durian Delivery Services in Singapore

In the era of social distancing and online shopping, durian delivery services have become increasingly popular. Companies like Durian Express Delivery offer a wide range of durian varieties, delivering fresh, quality durians right to your doorstep. With competitive pricing and the luxury of convenience, these services are a game-changer for durian enthusiasts in Singapore.

Embrace the Durian Season in Singapore

As the durian season approaches, equip yourself with this guide to make the most of your durian adventures in Singapore. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newbie, there’s always something new to discover in the world of durians. Remember to check out Durian Express Delivery for the freshest durians at competitive prices. Experience the joy and richness of the king of fruits delivered straight to your door. Order now and dive into the exquisite world of Singaporean durians!

Now that you’ve learned about some of the different types of durian and their price variations, be sure to look out for some great durian deals online.

Durian Express Delivery is a reliable and experienced service provider that provides exquisite quality durians islandwide to your home or office on the same day. We keep prices low with our solely owned durian plantation in Pahang, Malaysia.

Are you looking for the most competitive pricing for fresh durians to be delivered to your doorstep? Wait no more! Order your fresh durians online before the season is gone for good.

Singapore durian prices,singapore durian
Singapore durian prices guide word2
Singapore durian prices,singapore durian
Singapore durian prices guide word2

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