D88 Durian


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D88 Durian

We are introducing D88 Durian, the perfect way to experience the flavor of Malaysia’s iconic fruit. D88 Durian is carefully selected for its creamy, smooth, and succulent texture with a rich aroma. Our durian has a unique custard-like taste that lingers on the palate. Our durian is sourced from premium plantations that are certified organic and free from pesticide residues.

Portion Recommendations

Prices are per 400g/600g/800g/1000g pack, de-husked. 800g of durians come from roughly 3.4kg of durian with husk.

400g pack is enough for one person, 800g for 2.

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1. Introduction to D88 Durian

Embark on a flavorful journey with our D88 Durian, a variety renowned for its perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Sourced directly from the best orchards in Singapore, this durian variety promises an unrivaled taste experience for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

2. Taste Profile of D88 Durian

The D88 Durian stands out with its unique taste profile. It offers a lusciously creamy texture and a rich, custard-like flavor with subtle hints of bitterness, making it a favorite among durian connoisseurs.

3. Nutritional Benefits of D88 Durian

Our D88 Durian is not only delicious but also packed with nutritional benefits. It’s a great source of energy, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to a healthy diet. Enjoy the natural goodness with every bite!

4. Our Commitment to Quality

At Durian Express Delivery, we prioritize quality above all. Our D88 Durians are meticulously selected and harvested at the peak of ripeness, ensuring you receive only the finest fruits with exceptional flavor and texture.

5. Versatile Culinary Delight

The D88 Durian is incredibly versatile in culinary applications. Whether used in traditional desserts, innovative pastries, or even as a standalone treat, its complex flavor profile enhances any dish it accompanies.

6. Packaging and Preservation

We ensure that our D88 Durians reach you in pristine condition. Our careful packaging preserves freshness and flavor, guaranteeing an exquisite taste experience in the comfort of your home.

7. How to Purchase from Durian Express Delivery

Ordering your D88 Durian is a breeze. Visit our website, durianexpressdelivery.com.sg, select your preferred quantity, and enjoy swift and reliable delivery services in Singapore.

8. Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Our customers’ experiences speak volumes about our dedication to quality and service. Read their glowing reviews and discover why our D88 Durian is a top choice for durian lovers and culinary experts.

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