D101 Durian


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D101 Durian

The flesh has a cheerful yellow color. The seeds are fleshy and thick with meat. The meat is creamy and moist but not wet. There is not much fiber, so the meat felt like a soft paste – thick, creamy custard.

Taste is bittersweet. Some fruits lean on being more bitter; others lean on being sweeter. More bitter or more sweet is a personal preference. Personally, I like more bitter. Whichever it is, D101 has layers of bitter-sweet flavors, which make it interesting.

Portion Recommendations

Prices are per 400g/600/800g/1kg pack, de-husked. 800g of durians comes from roughly 3.4kg of durian with husk.

400g pack is enough for 1 person, 800g for 2 person

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D101 Durian: A Symphony of Taste and Texture

Savor the exquisite D101 Durian from Durian Express Delivery. Celebrated for its creamy texture and nuanced flavor, the D101 variety offers a gourmet experience that’s unmatched.

The Luxurious Appeal of D101 Durian

Each D101 Durian is selected with utmost care, ensuring a balance of sweetness and depth in every bite. This variety is known for its captivating aroma and buttery consistency, making it a top-tier choice for durian enthusiasts.

Nutritional Powerhouse of D101 Durian

Not only is D101 a culinary delight, but it’s also a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in potassium and other essential nutrients, it offers numerous health benefits. For a deeper dive into durian’s nutritional profile, check out Verywell Fit’s overview of the fruit.

Ideal for Varied Culinary Creations

From traditional desserts to innovative dishes, D101 Durian adds a touch of luxury. Its versatile flavor profile enhances any recipe, making it a favorite ingredient among chefs and home cooks alike.

Easy and Convenient Online Purchase

Order your D101 Durian effortlessly through our user-friendly online platform. We guarantee the delivery of only the freshest durians right to your doorstep.

Satisfied Customers Speak Volumes

Our customers consistently praise the D101 Durian for its superior quality. Read their glowing reviews and discover why it’s a perennial favorite.

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400G, 600G, 800G, 1000G

1 review for D101 Durian

  1. Avatar of emma khoo

    Emma Khoo

    I recently tried the D101 Durian from Durian Express Delivery and was thoroughly impressed. This variety’s rich, creamy texture and balanced sweet-bitter taste truly set it apart. The durian was perfectly ripe, making every bite a luxurious indulgence.

    • Avatar of admin


      Hi there! Thank you for your message. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the D101 Durian from Durian Express Delivery. It’s definitely a unique and delicious variety. I will definitely reach out if I have any more feedback or questions. Keep up the great work!

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