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Singaporeans unquestionably view eating durian as a social and cultural experience. Many fans of durian like getting together with friends and family to indulge in this exotic fruit. Old Tree Mao Shan Wang durians elevate the overall durian-eating experience, making it more delightful due to their rich flavor and luxury quality.

Old tree mao shan wang
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Old tree mao shan wang
Old tree mao shan wang: no. 1 choice in sg word3

Photo Credit: Durian Express Delivery

What is Old Tree Mao Shan Wang?

Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, generally referred to as Old Tree Musang King, “Lau Shu” MSW (老树猫山王), is a premium durian cultivar prized for its outstanding flavor and quality. Old Tree Mao Shan Wang is explained specifically below:

Old tree msw 老树猫山王
Photo Credit: Durian Delivery

1. Age of durian trees

Old Tree Mao Shan Wang refers particularly to mature, fully developed MSW durian trees. These trees are generally between 20 and 30 years old. Some of them are even older than 50 years. The quality and flavor of the durians generally increase with age, even though overall fruit production may decline.

2. Flavor profile

Its flavor is renowned for being significantly robust and strong. It has a creamy, custard-like texture and also a bittersweet flavor with overtones of caramel and roasted almonds. Hence, the rich, buttery, and smooth flesh is frequently referred to as “golden custard”. It differs from other durian types because of its rich & complex flavor profile.

3. Aroma

This type of durian has a distinct and strong aroma that is frequently described as fruity, sweet, and aromatic. While some individuals find the aroma overpowering, durian fans view it as an appealing feature of the fruit.

4. Creamy texture

Due to their velvety and creamy texture, these durians are well-known among durian lovers. A sumptuous mouthfeel is produced by the flesh’s density, smoothness, and lusciousness.

5. Seed-to-Flesh Ratio

The ratio of Old Tree Musang King’s seed to the flesh is another feature that contributes to its high value. As compared to other durian varieties, the durian’s flesh makes up a sizeable amount of the fruit. This thus provides greater edible content per fruit.

Popularity in SGDurian Type
#1Old Tree MSW
#2Black Gold MSW
#3Musang King
#5Golden Phoenix

Popularity of Old Tree MSW

Old Tree Mao Shan Wang durians are relatively hard to come by because of the maturity and constrained fruit production of older durian trees. Their great worth and desirability are surely a result of their exclusivity.

Old tree musang king
Photo Credit: The Peak Magazine SG

In Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations, where more than 75% of the population adores the king of fruits, this breed has undeniably experienced tremendous growth in popularity. Due to their outstanding flavor and scarcity, there is a large market for them, and premium prices become the norm.

Overall, the appeal of premium old tree MSW can be linked to its great flavor, enhanced quality, and experiential value. It is a premium durian cultivar that has won the hearts of durian connoisseurs due to its remarkable taste and quality.

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Old tree mao shan wang
Old tree mao shan wang: no. 1 choice in sg word3
Old tree mao shan wang
Old tree mao shan wang: no. 1 choice in sg word3

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