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Two well-loved durian types are the XO Durian and the D24 Durian. Durian is a tropical fruit with a unique flavor and scent. Although there are several parallels between the two, there are also some significant differences.

Differences between xo and d24 durian

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5 Main Differences of XO & D24

1. Flavour & Aroma

Rich, nuanced, and powerful bitter flavor characterize XO durian. It is frequently described as having a creamy, custard-like texture with a bittersweet flavor. It also has a powerful, robust scent that is frequently likened to a blend of sweet, fruity notes, onions, and garlic.  Taste creamy and sweet. Compared to XO durian, it is softer and less potent. Less overwhelming, and sometimes characterized as having a pleasant, sweet scent, is the aroma of this durian.  

2. Texture

For those who prefer a velvety feeling, this durian is a favourite because of its generally smooth and creamy texture.While D24 and XO durian both have creamy textures, the former is typically less rich and smoother.  

3. Colour

The normal hue of XO flesh ranges from pale yellow to pale golden.  The flesh of this durian is typically a richer, more vivid yellow colour.  
Xo durian versus d24

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4. Seed Size

XO durian seeds can occupy a considerable amount of the fruit due to their considerably large size.  You obtain more edible flesh per fruit since D24 durian seeds are usually smaller in size.

5. Price

In general, XO durian is more costly than other durian breeds, such as D24, and is regarded as a premium cultivar.  This durian is typically more accessible to a larger spectrum of customers and more reasonably priced.  

Ultimately, personal preference will determine which of the two durian varieties—XO or D24—you prefer. While D24 durian has a softer, sweeter flavor, some individuals prefer the stronger, more potent flavor of XO durian. Durian fans adore both varieties, and individual preference for one over the other is common.

Popularity of XO Durian

For several strong reasons, XO durian has become more and more of a popular option for online durian delivery. Durian farmers would often meticulously choose and grow this cultivar. As such, durian sellers tend to relate this cultivar with superior quality. Customers seeking the best durian available will find it to be an excellent option due to its remarkable taste and texture. XO durian is a delicious treat thanks to its creamy, silky texture.

Xo durian versus d24

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Customers can enjoy a delightful and fulfilling durian experience because it retains its quality during delivery. Over time, it has established a solid reputation for quality in the durian industry. Customers now choose XO durian when placing online orders because of this reputation, which has converted into confidence.

To get your fresh durians delivered in no time as your cravings can’t wait, order online and opt for Express Delivery. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Xo durian,xo durian versus d24
Xo durian,xo durian versus d24

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