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Durian price singapore
Looking for the most affordable durians in singapore? ‘discover the best durian prices in singapore’ provides an insightful guide on my wordpress blog. Journey with me in search of the king of fruits at the best prices.

Durian Price Singapore Die-hard and long-term fans of the King of Fruits should already be well acquainted with the different types of durians and price variations. However, if you’re new to liking durians and want to be more knowledgeable when buying durians (it is your time to shine as a durian connoisseur), here is a simple guide explaining the differences between the durians and prices in Singapore.

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It is important to note that different types of durians have different prices depending on the quality and origin. For example, Pahang Mao Shan Wang is usually able to fetch a higher price than those exported from JB. Similarly, a Musang King Durian is generally more expensive than a regular D13 Durian. 

These prices are subjected to fluctuations and if the fruit is harvested in season. However, the differences are usually not too much. 

Mao Shan Wang Durian / Musang King Durian Price

First, we start off this article with one of the most sought-after durians by the masses – The Mao Shan Wang Durian, also commonly referred to as Musang King. The Mao Shan Wang Durian is usually one of the most expensive types when compared to the other variations of durians. 

The Musang King originated from an ancient tree in Gua Musang. This durian is usually oval in shape and light green in colour with thick and short spines. One way to identify a Mao Shan Wang is to check the bottom of the durian for a brown star-shaped pattern. 

The durian flesh is bright yellow and has a very buttery texture. It should have a vibrant, sweet and sometimes bitter flavour. It should be easy to lift from the husk and have a dry and creamy touch. 

Depending on the origin of the durian, they have different durian seasons as well. For example, the Johor durian season is around June to July, whereas the Pahang season kicks off from August to September. 

As such, the average Musang King / Mao Shan Wang durian price for this crowd-favourite usually varies from $14/kg to $20/kg depending on the quality, durian seller and the seasonal price. 

Golden Phoenix Durian Price

The Golden Phoenix is also known as Jin Fong, which many regard as the Queen of Durians, right after Mao Shan Wang. 

This durian has a thinner husk and smaller seeds than the average durian; therefore, it has an excellent flesh-to-husk ratio. The Golden Phoenix is usually smaller and more round in shape. The colour can vary from light green to greyish brown, depending on where it was grown. 

The flesh is pale yellow and is dry with a floral aroma. It is less intense and not overly sweet, making it a good choice for those trying durians for the first time. 

Golden Phoenix durian price ranges from $18-$20/kg. Get the actual Golden Phoenix durian price.

Black Gold Durian Price

Durian sellers have also started differentiating between the different grades of Mao Shan Wang by separating the cream of the Mao Shan Wang crop and selling them at a premium price. One of the more common labels is Black Gold. 

These labels are subjective as they are determined by the durian seller who would sort the fruits when the shipment comes. The smaller and odd shaped ones would be sold at the cheaper price of around $10-$15/kg. The average ones will go for $16-$20/kg and the best ones labelled Black Gold durian will be sold at $23/kg.

These durians usually come from mature durian trees, capable of producing deep, bitter, and complex flavors with a musky aroma. Find out more on the actual price of black gold durian.

D13 Durian Price 

The D13 Durians usually have a thicker and heavier husk, so you might pay more for the fruit. The shape of the fruit is typically sharp and pointed at the bottom, with thicker thorns on its surface. 

The flavour is usually more sweet but at times, bitter-sweet as well. The flesh is more orangey red with areas of grey that indicates its bitterness. It is more chewy and very light on the palate. The quality of the D13 is usually more consistent and most fruits are good when opened so there is little wastage. 

As such, compared to the ones mentioned above, D13 durian has the most affordable price range from $10-$11/kg or sometimes even sold for as low as $5/durian. You can get D13 durian price list here.

Where to get started? 

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